POWEROAD Grand series of containerized ESS provide integrated battery systems with PCS built-in, also contains control cabinet, HVAC and fire suppression system, equipped in standard containers. Empowered by POWEROAD 3-tier BMS (M-BMS, C-BMS and A-BMS), Grand series deliver energy storage solutions with high safety and environmental adaptability, that can support black-start and works without mains.


Furthermore, Grand ESS can be equipped with POWEROAD CLOUD to be monitored anywhere. It is compatible with Ethernet, RS485, and CAN communication, to meet the needs of different applications. It is designed to be applicable for high altitude, cold region or sand area, for peak-shaving, backup power, micro-grid application, etc. Last but not least, the container design is easy for transportation and installation.


ESS integrated in 10-feet container

Chemistry LFP
Rated Energy 337.92kWh
Rated Capacity 600Ah
Rated Voltage 563.2V
Voltage Range 475.2~633.6V
Weight 7t
Chemistry NMC
Rated Energy 313.3kWh
Rated Capacity 504Ah
Rated Voltage 621.6V
Voltage Range 504~705.6V
Weight 6t

Fully-integrated System Design (take NMC solution for e.g.)


ESS integrated in 20-feet container

Chemistry LFP
Module Energy 5.12kWh
PCS Rated Power 500kW
System Energy 788.48kWh
System Capacity 1400Ah
System Voltage 563.2V
Voltage Range 475.2~633.6V
Chemistry LFP
Module Energy 6.4kWh
PCS Rated Power 500kW
System Energy 896kWh
System Capacity 1400Ah
System Voltage 640V
Voltage Range 540~720V


POWEROAD offers ESS solutions from rack/cabinet kWh scale to container MWh-scale to meet customers’ demands for various applications, from single cabinet to container size like 20-feet or 40-feet container. We are capable of delivering integrated ESS containing battery system embedded with 3-tier BMS, control cabinet, PCS, HVAC and fire suppression system. Following PCS v.s. battery system combination options for your reference:

1) For LFP Chemistry:

2) For NMC Chemistry:

Fully Integrated
Fully-integrated with battery system and PCS, easy installation and strong environmental adaptability.

3-tier BMS
Separate 3-tier BMS offers multi-level management mechanism for system safety and high performance.

Black Start
Support Black Start to ensure system safety and prolong battery lifespan.

Easy Transportation
ISO-Standard containerized ESS for easy transportation.